Thank you for visiting the DAN and for your patronage. The site has transitioned to ForceNet, a secure UNCLASSIFIED ePortal that sits external to the Defence Restricted Network.

In the coming months, Defence members will be able to join ForceNet using their PMKeyS number on www.forcenet.gov.au

Once registered, you will receive your password via the email address recorded in your PMKeyS file. 

To ensure this can occur, please update your contact information in PMKeyS prior to registering to ForceNet. This must, for security and privacy reasons, be the responsibility of the individual.

If you have a PMKeys number and cannot recall it, please contact either:

Those without a PMKeyS number may be able to join ForceNet in the future.

Please keep an eye on DAN’s Facebook site for details on when you will be able to register to ForceNet: https://www.facebook.com/defencealumni

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